Alan Bishop of St Albans
We have just received a letter from Bishop Alan, Bishop of St Albans which we'd love to share with you.

You can download a copy of his letter here.


Source: Revd Roni Goodman

Date: 29th October 2020

Dear All
Rev Roni GoodmanYou will find the service and activity sheets for Sunday 18th October  - the 19th Sunday after Trinity, in the links on the Worship/Online Worship section of this website.  The sermon this week is preached for us by Keith Callard, Reader at St Mary's Church, Meppershall, and, as always this will be available via our Listen-in Worship blog and by phone on 01462 559112.
Our next communion service will be on Sunday 25th October - and if you would like to be there please do not forget to let me - Roni know in advance.  Please remember your Red Service Book if you have one, and your face covering.

Thank you so much for your harvest gifts which are now been taken to the Need Project. Please remember that although we celebrate harvest only once a year - the need is an all year round need!

Special Memories:   Unfortunately, this year, it is not possible to hold a service of “Special Memories”.
Instead, on Friday 30th October, the Church will be open for prayer and we will particularly remember by name those whose funerals we have been privileged to conduct in the past year.   We are inviting their families and friends to come to light a candle and spend a quiet moment with God and their memories in the Church. It is an opportunity open to all.

Do you need prayers?
We have a small group of intercessors who will continue to pray confidentially for those who ask for prayers. If being held in prayer in that way is something you would like, please talk to Roni 339962 / 07533376880 or Jenny 07379345967.
Together or apart - let us continue to hold one another in prayer at this time - and where possible to reach out in love and service.
Please let me know if there is anything more we can do for you at this time…
With my love and prayers,
Be safe, be well and God bless you,

listen in worship
As part of our mission to reach out with God's message to as many people as possible, a blog has been launched which allows you to listen to a Service or Talk from St Michael's Shefford and St Mary's Meppershall in Bedfordshire, England. This Podcast is also available by phone - please share the number with a friend who doesn't have internet - T 01462 559112.

Click here, or on the image to visit the blog.


Source: Andrew Goodman

Date: 14th October 2020

Patricia Goulding
Each year we are required to have a Parochial Church Meeting at which various reports are presented (mainly to do with Church finances and the state of the the church building), plus the election of people that we want to represent us.

You may be surprised to hear that the APCM is still going ahead this year, in spite of the COVID 19 restrictions.

It will be very different this year though - on a Thursday (8th October), and it will be a mixture of physical and Zoom online meeting.

We don't have times or nitty gritty details yet, but will publish them as soon as they're available. Until then, please try to keep 8th October clear in your diary.

For now, Patricia Goulding, our Churchwarden has asked me to publish various forms relevant to the meeting:

Please think and pray about how you want your Church to go forward in these challenging times - can you add your talents and experience to our future, or do you know someone who could be nurtured to unlock as yet untapped skills or talents?


Source: Patricia Goulding - Churchwarden

Author: Stephen Lines - Webmaster

Published: 24th August 2020


Dear All

Rev Roni Goodman
I hope you have been enjoying the wonderful weather this week, and not working too hard in your garden!

Our hymn of the day is Amazing Grace.


You might like to know that St Michael’s Church is now open from 8.00am to 3.00pm on Fridays. If you are able to visit - then please do keep to the arrangements which are in place for everyone’s safety.

Please do sanitise your hands on entry - then take an “I Prayed Here” card to the place where you choose to pray and leave it there on the seat when you leave. (This tells other people not to sit where you just sat - and will help the cleaners when they come to clean!). There is also sanitising gel for you to use on leaving - through the west door at the rear of the Church.

We are looking forward to the Church being opened up for Life Events - Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, and also for Public Worship. There has been some suggestion that this will be allowed after July 4th. However we will need time to look at Government and Church Guidance when it is published, and work out what we can manage whilst following the advice given and keeping everyone as safe as we can.

Hard as it has been not to be able to gather in the Church for worship and Holy Communion, I think it has been so hard too, not being able to gather in our Church, drinking tea and coffee, sharing news and joys, worries and woes. I am missing you terribly. For me that “fellowship” too, is a crucial part of being Church.

I think it will be a while yet before we are back to normal - whatever that means. In the meantime: Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

Be safe, keep well, God bless you.

Have a good week



Hello Everyone.

Rev Roni Goodman
Today is the first Sunday after Trinity  - and we are now in Ordinary Time (numbered weeks) and the church turns green as we continue work our way through the life of Jesus mostly from the Gospel of Matthew this year. If you haven’t already you might like to take some time to read all the way through the Gospel of Matthew - about 2.5 hours  I am told! - I have never timed it. (By reading the Gospel just in small portions as we do in church, we may not be able to grasp a particular evangelist’s unique way of proclaiming his message.)

Download our Sunday worship sheet and a Family activity sheet from “Together at Home”.

For Families: You might enjoy "A guest edition of Messy Church for Messy Times” (with junk modelling and cooking!). Bishop Alan, Bishops Richard and Michael and the Archdeacons, took part in Messy Church online and you can see the results here.

Alban Pilgrimage

The Alban Pilgrimage Eucharist takes place from St Albans Cathedral at 10am on Sunday, 21st June, a day before St Alban's Day. It can be accessed from St Albans Cathedral's YouTube page. Many parishes have already expressed an interest in making this service their morning worship that day. Orders of Service will be available on the cathedral website

Parish Priest, Broadcaster and former Communard, The Revd Richard Coles will preach and churches from around the world that have links to Alban will participate.

Sunday 21st June is Fathers’ Day

We will take that opportunity to centre our worship on God the Father or the Fatherhood of God.

Opening of the Church

Please note that we are making plans for limited opening of the Church now and will soon be telling everyone when the Church will be available for Private Prayer in line with Government and Church Guidelines. (Opening will be limited at first due to the need to meet safety requirements for everyone - visitors and cleaners etc)

I am sure we are all hoping and praying for the time when we can safely throw the doors open daily once again. In the meantime please do let us know if you need prayers, or if there is anything else we can do for you.

Be safe, keep well,

God bless you

And have a good week everyone.