Thankyou to everyone who took part in this year's Christmas Tree Festival and for helping to make it another great success.

This year's winner of the public vote was Shefford Lower School with T J Plumbing in 2nd place and MJP Garage Conversions in 3rd.

The Judges Children's Tree Vote: 1st Place Mini Ms, 2nd Place Shefford Brownies and 3rd Place Shefford Toddler Group

The Judges Adult Tree vote: 1st Place Home Farm Trust, 2nd place MJP Garage Conversions, and 3rd place Shefford WI.

£588.36 was raised over the 3 days.

Merry Christmas and see you next year!!


 1 Mini Ms

 1. Mini Ms (1st Place Judges Children's Tree)


2 Shefford Community Festival

2. Shefford Community Festival


3 Shefford Lower School

3. Shefford Lower School (1st Place Public Vote)


4 Shefford Toddler Group

4. Shefford Toddler Group (3rd Place Judges Children's Tree)


5 St Michael and All Angels Craft and Chat Group

5. St Michael & All Angels Craft & Chat Group


 6 Shefford WI

6. Shefford WI (3rd Place Judges Adult Tree)


 7 Shefford Community Hall

7. Shefford Community Hall


 8 Shefford Brownies

8. Shefford Brownies (2nd Place Judges Children's Tree)


9 T J Plumbing

9. T J Plumbing (2nd Place Public Vote)


10 Shefford Good Neighbours

10. Shefford Good Neighbours


11 Shefford Bowls Club

11 Shefford Bowls Club


12 Shefford Guides

12. Shefford Guides


 13 Shefford Library

13. Shefford Library


14 Methodist Sunday School

14. Shefford Methodist's Sunday School


15 Sustainable Shefford

15. Sustainable Shefford


16 Shefford Baptist Church

16. Shefford Baptist Church


17 Home Farm Trust

17. Home Farm Trust (1st Place Judges Adult Tree)


18 Neville Funeral Directors

18. Neville Funeral Directors


19 Acorn Pre School and Oak Manor

19. Acorn Pre-School & Oak Manor


20 Coxon Familly

20. Coxon Family


 21 Memory Tree

21. Memory Tree


22 British Legion

22. British Legion


23 MJP Garage Conversions

23. MJP Garage Conversions (3rd Place Public Vote & 2nd Place Judges Adult Vote)


24 Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery

24. Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery


25 Barnwell Music

25. Barnwell Music


26 Shefford Craft and Produce Show

26. Shefford Craft & Produce Show


27 Shefford Beavers

27. Shefford Beavers


Thanks to Steve Coxon & Frank Bond for the photos

Published 10th December 2023


Link to Eco Church WebsiteAt St Michael’s we are working towards the Eco Church Bronze Award.  (And then, hopefully, silver and gold!). Eco Church is all about the care of the church for God’s Earth, and we can all be involved, both at church and at home.  In all aspects of our lives there are ways to make more caring, ecological choices in what we choose to do, use, buy.  Some things are easy, some more challenging, some you might never have thought of …

Here are some links to get you started, including an environmental lifestyle audit for you to use at home to see what differences you could make. It certainly got me thinking!

Source: Claire Searle

Date: 4th July 2023

We are currently planning for a re-ordering of our Lady Chapel. The plans will include the provision of more accessible seating and additional storage.

View of existing Lady ChapelThis image is of the Lady Chapel as it currently exists, showing the side-facing pews (one of which is not safe to sit on).

Links below are to copies of documents and plans submitted to St Albans Diocese to get a faculty for the re-ordering (similar to planning permission).

Statement of Need

Additional Information

Existing Floor Plan

Proposed Floor Plan


Source: Patricia Goulding

Date: 4th April 2023

Here is a link to this year's draft Mission Action Plan for you to download and read.


Source: Rev Roni Goodman
Date:31st March 2023

Sadly, it has become increasingly obvious that the bench is in a fairly hazardous position in relation to crumbling/falling masonry from the west face of the tower.

We are therefore planning to remove it, cut out the concrete which is to be replaced with turf.

Click here to view the Public Notice.

Our Christmas Tree Festival this year (2nd, 3rd and 4th December) was another triumph with a truly amazing display of imaginative and cleverly executed tree designs.

The event raised over £650 - a spectacular achievement in the midst of so much financial doom and gloom - the good people of Shefford can always be relied upon to support a good cause; thank you to everyone who contributed!

Shefford Lower School Tree 2022Visitors are asked to vote for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite trees from which the 'Public Vote Winner' prize is awarded. This year's winner of the Public Vote was Shefford Lower School. The children collected and decorated empty plastic bottles to actually build their tree giving a strong environmental awareness message.


TJ Plumbing Tree 2022An additional prize is awarded by an external Judge and this year's winner was TJ Plumbing who also built their own tree, soldered together from copper pipes and fittings.


We would like to give a HUGE thankyou to the Potter family who plan, promote and run this annual event for us.













Source: Pat Goulding

Photographs: Courtesey of Frank Bond

Date: 10th December 2022