For some time now we have been talking about how we could make our visitors experience more welcoming, so a new entrance lobby was included in the 'grand plan'.

Existing Lobby

As you can see, the existing entrance lobby is a wooden box with no windows - a dark and unwelcoming space to enter through. By providing a set of inner doors, it did control draughts though.

So, this week, we've taken the first steps in re-modelling this vital 'first impreshions' space. With a big hammer by the looks of it!

Lobby After Initial Demolition

The lobby has been removed, as has the wooden box running down from the bell chamber above, which encased the original steel cables and weights to power the clock (before the more modern electrical winding sytem was installed).

Oh, and whilst all this is going on, we are having our new lighting installed!

We are hoping to be able to re-use some of the wood for a couple of projects we have in mind, but what is the new lobby going to look like?

You'll just have to wait and see...

Photographs: Patricia Goulding

Author: Stephen Lines

Date: 19th February 2019