You may remember reading about the removal of our clock so that it could be taken away for a full restoration by A.James of Saffron Walden. I've just been informed that the restoration work is finished, and that the clock face and hands have now been re-fitted on the tower.

The first photograph below shows the clock face and hands back in place on our (almost fully restored) tower - brilliant timing as the scaffolding is due to come down in a few days time.

Face and Hands Back In Place

Observant readers will notice that the clock face is now black, with gold lettering (when it was removed, the face was blue). Research has discovered that black was the original colour, so as this is part of a Heritage driven restoration project, the opportunity was taken to restore the clock to it's original 'look'.

The main part of any clock is the mechanism - the bit that very few people ever see. This has also undergone a full restoration and is safely stored in the church, waiting for the clock chamber to be ready for its re-installation.

Clock Mechanism Waiting to Move Back Home

Once the scaffold is down, and the bell (still being restored) is re-installed, the clock can finally start telling and chiming the time for the people of Shefford again.

Author: Stephen Lines

Photos: Patricia Goulding

Published: 2nd March 2019