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Prayer Of The Month

Dom Helder Camara's Prayer for Young People

PHOTO: Brazilian Street ChildrenDom Helder Camara, the courageous Archbishop of Recife, Brazil, spent his life working strenuously for social justice and on behalf of the oppressed. This prayer for young people reflects his own passion for life, his integrity and vision. An inspirational prayer for the start of a new academic year, as well as for those young people who are setting off on new ventures....

Lord, this world needs
this marvellous wealth that is youth.
Help young people!
They possess the inexhaustible wealth
of the future.
Do not allow an easy life
to corrupt them,
Nor difficulties to quench their spirit.

To think about.....

Take a moment to consider the children and young people in your family and/or community. Name them if you can. In what ways do they represent "marvellous wealth" for the world?

Dom Helder sees young people as naturally idealistic and full of spirit. Do you agree with this view? Can these qualities survive in a highly materialistic society such as ours?

Based on your own experience, what do you most want for the future of the young people you know? Why not turn those thoughts and longings into a prayer of your own? You could also ask God to help you to be an encourager of young people, like Dom Helder Camara.


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