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 Prayer Of The Month

An African Vision Of Justice

Here is a simple but vibrant prayer from South Africa, a country whose journey towards freedom and reconciliation has been a source of inspiration to the world...

Picture: African woman laughingCreator God,
Give us a heart for simple things:
   love and laughter,
   bread and wine,
   tales and dreams.
Fill our lives
with green and growing hope;
make us a people of justice
whose song is Alleluia
and whose name breathes love.



 To think about.....

  • Love and laughter, bread and wine, tales and dreams ... how do you respond to these images of what is important in life?

  • How easy or difficult is it to nourish "green and growing hope" in our 21st century world?

  • In a continent such as Africa, issues of justice are a central concern of prayer. How concerned are you to act justly in all areas of your life?

  • The prayer traces a kind of learning curve - from simplicity, through hope and justice, to praise and love. Does this ring true in your experience?

Next month: the "Phos hilaron" (Song of the Light) ...


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