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 Prayer Of The Month

Brother Roger's Prayer

Brother Roger Schutz is Prior of the Taize Community in France. This remarkable religious community became a focus for reconciliation and hope following World War 2, and has drawn thousands of young people from many nations and cultures to experience afresh the joy of worshipping God together.

Like your disciples on the road to Emmaus, we are so often incapable of seeing that you, O Christ, are our companion on the way. But, when our eyes are opened, we realise that you were speaking to us, even though perhaps we had forgotten you. Then the sign of our trust in you is that, in our turn, we try to love, to forgive with you. Independent of our doubts or even our faith, O Christ, you are always there: your love burns in our heart of hearts.

Brother Roger Schutz

 To think about.....

  • Can you look back at a time in your life when Christ was your "companion on the way", even though you did not recognise him at the time?

  • Brother Roger says that Christ is always with us, "independent of our doubts or even our faith". Do you find this thought helpful?

  • Does trusting God help us to be more loving and forgiving towards others?

Next month: the "happiness prayer" of Robert Louis Stevenson


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