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 Prayer Of The Month

An Artist's Prayer

PHOTO: Birth Of A Star (Hubble)This prayer is attributed to Michelangelo (1475-1564), and has to be the shortest in our series so far! But brief as it is, it offers us a special insight into the mind and motivation of a truly great artist.

make me see your glory
in every place.

To think about....

  • The artist prays to "see" God's glory - but could he just as easily have said "hear", "touch", "smell" or "taste"? Does it make a difference to your understanding of the prayer if these other senses are included?
  • Can God's glory really be experienced in every place? Can everyone experience it?
  • What do you find helps you to be more aware of God?

If you are going away on holiday, why not lighten your spiritual luggage by taking just this as your traveller's prayer...?


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