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Photo: Penny Bassett (2nd from left) guides a workshop sessionIn May and June 2002, a group of people from the Diocese of St Albans attended a series of workshops on the subject of Protective Behaviours. The workshops were led by Penny Bassett.

Although Protective Behaviours is a secular methodology, the group's reaction was very positive, and it was felt that it would be worth investigating further, especially in connection with the promotion of child protection within the Diocese.

Significant reservations were expressed about PB's in a Christian context however, the main one being a possible conflict between PB's assertion that:

"We all have the right to feel safe all of the time"

-and the theological view that being a Christian is, in itself, an inherantly unsafe thing to be.

Photo: group discussionIt was therefore proposed at a meeting during November 2002 that a discussion forum be set up to allow a more in-depth investigation of Protective Behaviours in the context of the Christian faith- this website is the result.

Although the forums are "invitation only", anyone with access to an internet-connected computer is welcome to view the ongoing discussions.



Latest Documents

December 2002:
Andrew Pattman has contributed a set of documents for discussion on the PB+ Forums. See 'Resources' for details.

Thank you Andrew...

Bible Search Tool

We've added a "pop-up" Bible Search Tool to the Forum's menu bar. Our thanks to crosswalk for this excellent resource.

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