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Our Bike 'n Hike challenge this year was to cycle to all the churches in the MK45 post code that are part of the Ampthill & Shefford Deanery, plus a few others on the way, or close by. In total, 21 churches were visited.

As most were closed, selfies were taken at each church and posted onto the sm3a Whatsapp page so supporters could track the progress of the challenge. Amazingly despite the romote locations of many of the churches the tech seemed to work really well, and a couple of people even donated via our Bike 'n Hike Just Giving page. This is still open for donations if you would like to contribute...

So, here are the selfies (no prizes for photographic skills here!):

1 Shefford Baptist Church

1. Shefford Baptist Church

2 sm3a Shefford

2. St Michael & All Angels, Shefford

3 St Francis Shefford

 3. St Francis of Assisi, Shefford

4 Shefford Methodist Church

4. Shefford Methodist Church

5 All Saints Clifton

5. All Saints Church, Clifton

6 Gravenhurst Methodist Church

6. Gravenhurst Methodist Church

7 No Name Church Gravenhurst

7. A Church with no name (redundant), Gravenhurst

8 St James the Great Silsoe 

8. Church of St James the Great, Silsoe

9 St John the Baptist Flitton 

9. St John the Baptist, Flitton

10 St James the Apostle Pulloxhill

10. St James the Apostle, Pulloxhill

11 Westoning Baptist Church

11. Westoning Baptist Church

12 St Mary Magdalene Westoning 

12. St Mary Magdalene, Westoning

13 St Mary the Virgin Harlington

13. St Mary the Virgin, Harlington

14 St Peter and St Paul Flitwick 

14. St Peter & St Paul, Flitwick

15 Flitwick Methodist Church

15. Flitwick Methodist Church

16 St Lawrence Steppingly

16. St Lawrence, Steppingly

17 SM3A Millbrook 

17. St Michael & All Angels, Millbrook

18 St Andrew the Apostle Ampthill 

18. St Andrew the Apostle, Ampthill

19 St Mary the Virgin Maulden 

19. St Mary the Virgin, Maulden

20 Clophill Methodist Church

20. Clophill Methodist Church

21 St Marys Clophill

21. St Marys, Clophill


Source: Stephen Lines

Date Published: 15th September 2020