Rev Roni Goodman
We are delighted to welcome you to Holy Communion at St Michael's at 9 o clock on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, starting on 9th August.

There will be reduced numbers for CoViD 19 distancing so booking is required - preferably by the Wednesday before so we can allocate your seating.

Please book by contacting Revd Roni Goodman.

For information on the CoViD 19 measures for holy communion to help keep you safe see FAQs below

Looking Forward to seeing you...



Q: Is it safe to come back to church?

A: We have made it as safe as possible by putting in place all the recommended measures from the government and the Church of England. Ultimately however, your safety and the safety of others relies on us all following the advice and guidelines, including hand washing/sanitising and maintaining 2m/6ft social distancing.The principle is that we are all responsible for our own safety, and for that of others. All of the precautions that we are taking arise from our love for one another.

It is now law that you need to wear a face covering in places of worship and other enclosed public spaces, so please bring and wear your face covering, thank you!

Q: What if I am shielding, or in a vulnerable group?

A: If you have a letter from the government telling you to shield until at least August, you should not come back to church until told that you may. If you are in a vulnerable group (underlying health condition(s), are over 70 or any other category) then you should read this information carefully, and make your own decision as to whether or not you comfortable returning to church.

Q: What if I feel unwell?

A: If you feel unwell in any way  (not restricted to CoViD 19 symptoms), then please do not come to church until you are better. If you think you might have the Coronavirus, then please follow the guidance on arranging a test, self-isolation/household isolation and if necessary seek medical advice or attention.

Q: Do I have to book a pew every week?

A: We are trying out a notification/booking system for the first few weeks, to see what our numbers are like.

Q: What happens when we arrive at church?

A: The doors will be propped open. Please walk in and go straight to the indicated pew and sit down. Do not walk around or move to chat to others - maintain the correct distance (2m/6ft) at all times.

Q: Where should I sit?

A: Please sit where the sidesperson indicates. We have carefully planned the seating to maintain 2m/6ft distancing.

Q: I have lots of offertory envelopes. Should I bring them?

A: Yes please! Many of you have been putting your weekly offerings in envelopes whilst the church building was closed. Please do bring them with you when you first return to church. Thank you! There will be a plate at the back of the church for you to leave your envelopes.

Q: Is there hand sanitiser available?

A: Yes. There will be sanitiser available as you enter and leave the building, and outside the toilets for use before entering and on leaving them should you need to do so. However, it is a good idea to carry your own with you as well, to use during the service as needed.

Q: Has the church been cleaned?

A: Yes, after each church use the church will either have been cleaned or left locked (quaranteened) for at least 72 hours.

Q: What about the offertory?

A: Please place your offering in the plate at the back of the church as you enter. There will be no offertory procession.

Q: Will we be singing?

A: No, at the moment singing is prohibited. We will say any responses during the service (e.g. the Gloria).

Q: Will there be individual service sheets?

A: No. We will use the normal red books. However, you will need to take your copy home and return with it the next time that you come. It must only be used by you and not lent to anyone else.

We will keep a small number of "quarantined" copies in church for visitors.

Q: Will we share the peace?

A: No. We may say the words of the peace, but we won't leave our places or shake hands (or any physical contact).

Q: What will happen at Communion?

The priest will sanitise hands at the offertory, prior to starting the Eucharistic Prayer, and again before distributing the wafers. We will use individual wafers rather than breaking up one large wafer to maintain as much hygiene as possible. The congregation wafers will also remain covered throughout the Prayer. Before Communion is distributed the priest will say "the body of Christ" and everyone who wishes to receive will say "Amen". Communion will be received in silence.

The priest will walk down to the congregation to give Communion in the pews, wearing visor for her protection and a mask for your protection.

We are receiving only the bread, not the wine. Please hold out your hands at a comfortable distance to receive the wafer.

Q: Will the toilets be in use?

A: Yes. If you need to use them, please ensure in addition to washing your hands after using them that you use sanitiser on the way back into church.

Q: What happens at the end of the service?

A: After the priest has processed out, and the final prayer has been said, please leave church in an orderly fashion, remembering to take your red service book with you. The people in the back rows will need to leave first and go straight out of the church by the West door. Please do not stop to chat - we need to maintain safe distancing and a steady flow of people. The priest will wait at the pavement to greet everyone, but of course will not be shaking hands. Again, please maintain a 2m/6ft distance as you pass by. 

Q: Will there be tea and coffee?

A: No. It is fine to chat to people at a safe distance once you have left the church, but please be aware of others who might need to walk past you if you want to have a socially distanced chat or catch up. 

Q: How long are these arrangements going to last?

A: Things are bound to change again, as they have throughout the pandemic. Therefore these arrangements will remain in place until there are further changes nationally. If there is a 'local lockdown' , then the church will have to be closed again for a designated period of time. If we are able to start singing, we will do so as soon as possible.

Q: Will there still be services on-line?

A: Yes, they will continue until everyone feels safe enough to return to church. We are also working on how we can provide an on-line worship presence in the future.

Q: Will the children's corner be available?

A: We are advised not to use the children's corner at this time, although we are keeping this under review. Parents are requested to keep their children with them - sadly no toddling toddlers!