HLF Funded
A new activity leaflet for young visitors has been produced for us by by the children of Shefford Lower School.

This has been made possible by the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Activities for Young Visitors
The front cover features a hand drawn picture of our Church, and a hand written message of welcome, ending with the delightful sentence "It [Shefford] is a joyful town full of friendly people". Couldn't have put it better ourselves!

Inside the leaflet is a 'Quick St Michael Quiz', an invitation to 'draw your favourite thing in the Church, then write down why', some questions to encourage a bit of exploration, and a word search. Continuing the exploration theme, the back cover has a list of things to find in the Church plus more opportunities to draw and answer questions about what they've discovered.

Copies of the leaflet are available free of charge in the church (you'll find them on the table in front of you as you enter). A great way to while away some time with your young ones on a wet day, and, if you time it right, you could enjoy some refreshments at one of our caf├ęs (see What's On for details). A guide leaflet aimed at adult visitors is also available.

Source: Patricia Goulding

Published: 3rd November 2019